No matter how well you have planned your Best Homeschooling Year Yet it isn’t going to happen unless you start taking action.

Best homeschool year yet.

I am sure by now you have a sizable list of things you want to do in your homeschool.

The next few blog posts are going to show you how you can take small steps that will add up and  make a huge difference in your daily life. How you can start to do the things you want to do on a daily basis.

We are now going to start taking action!

But how?

I like to keep things simple for myself 🙂 So I have a very simple system for moving ideas from ‘idea’ stage to ‘ready to do’ stage. In fact, I keep just 3 lists.

1. Red list. This is my list of all the ideas I have collected. Things I might like to do in the future. Ideas for projects, field trips, movies – all the things we have been collecting together in the last few blog posts.

2. Amber list – These are things that I have decided we will do. But they need more work to be ready.

3. Green list – These things are ready to go. Today! Now! I don’t have to do them now, but I could if an opportunity presented itself.

I talk more about the lists and how they work in my free ebook Planned Spontaneity.

Planned Spontaneity - Homeschool planning with a difference

You can grab a copy here. You will find a link under the ‘downloads’ tab.

But we are basically going to start getting things ready. If you have a great movie on your list that you want to watch then it should be on the red list. When you decide to start looking for places you can rent or buy the movie it moves onto your amber list. And when you have it sat on the DVD player ready to go? It can go on your green list.

So this week I want you to set up your Red/Amber/Green list system. It can be a paper system or an electronic one. (I will try to put up a blog post later about some ways of doing this electronically!)

Whatever works best for you. When you have your system set up, leave me a comment and let me know how you did it 🙂

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Taking Action – Having your best homeschool year yet — 2 Comments

  1. Evernote would be a great way to keep these lists electronically. You could make a folder for each list and save links, images, text and whatever to the red list, then move it from the red list note book to the Amber and then on to the green by dragging and dropping it. You would also be able to add as much or as little information to the note as needed while researching.

    You can also add tags to the notes and they are fully searchable.