Sometimes it is the little things that cause huge learning opportunities in homeschooling!

You can never know when a seed will take root in your child and grow into something wonderful.


I have been planning out some things I will strew for my children over the coming months (like this fantasy drawing book and that boys doodle sketchbook).

It might feel that these are small gestures against the big world of education. Yet, I seem to be reading a lot at the moment about famous people being inspired by seemingly small introductions to what later became their passion.

Bruce Lee, for example, was sent to martial arts classes by his parents after getting involved in some street fights as a kid.

World famous ballet dancer, Carlos Acosta, decided to become a ballet dancer after watching the Cuban National Ballet.

Silver Olympic medalist Lizzie Armstrong‘s family started taking weekend cycle rides, and so began her to cycling career.

I see this in my own life too. A chance book I picked up at the library (by John Holt) introduced me to the idea of homeschooling.  A sewing machine gifted to me by my Mom when I was first married (with a ‘Tut! All married woman should have a sewing machine!) led me to quilting. A blog post I read inspired me to start my Homeschooling-ideas website.

Does this mean we should rely on chance to inspire our children? I would rather not! I want to introduce my children to as wide and varied a world as possible – to give them maximum exposure to everything and anything that might make their heart leap with joy.

We have found some wonderful learning projects this way. I talk about this a little in my post on the effects of computer games – but I have seen the same sparks from books, TV programs and even conversations from people we meet when out and about.

If you sow the seeds, and allow the learning opportunities to come – you will be amazed at your results.


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