Beyond Homeschooling – Starting a Conversation!

We need to talk 🙂 Have you got teenagers? Well then, I have been wanting to talk to you about this for a while. What happens towards the end of homeschooling and beyond? We know that homeschooling works on so many levels. Home educated children have the time to follow their dreams and passions. Even if … More

For Your Bookshelf!

I love books! They have been the mainstay of our homeschooling even before the children could read. Best of all I love to find interesting and thought provoking books to add to my reading list, and the children’s. So I am surprised to realize that I don’t really share many of my book finds on … More

How to weather homeschool fear storms

How to weather homeschool fear storms - surviving worry and doubt.

Fear storms can strike at any moment. I am sure homeschoolers are not more susceptible to them that other parents – but sometimes it can feel like we are. Fear storms are the moments (sometimes very long moments!) of fear and doubt. Of wondering if we are doing the right thing for our children. Of … More