How to Rock High School Homeschooling — 8 Comments

  1. This is EXACTLY the sort of article and advice I would have benefited from earlier in my home ed journey. We have reached exactly the same point as you but it would have helped us enormously to read this and see you put the arguments so clearly and make us feel that we weren’t putting our kids out on a limb.
    WELL DONE! This is a beam of light in the darkness.

  2. This article is so helpful and has confirmed what I have been feeling for a while. Thank you.

  3. This is a great article! I took my son out of school at 14 as the education system was stifling his creativity and forcing a square peg into a round hole. He had dropped from set 1 maths and was just about to be put down to set 4! We based his education on interest-based projects which I insisted were written up not done on computer, any calculations done manually. This helped immensely with his numeracy and literacy and presentation, all of which were not good. We arranged 1-week placements in a range of local businesses he was interested in and he did work experience at our family business once a week too. I also enrolled him on a holistic therapy home study diploma course which I guided him with throughout the course. He achieved 91% in his final exam and at 16 had letters after his name! And this is a boy who the school thought was not going to achive much! We decided not to do GCSEs but instead put together a presentation portfolio of his best projects with a CV.
    He is now 18, worked full time with our family business since 16 but recently decided to pursue a career in his love of car mechanics and body repair. We have discovered that not having maths and english GCSE has held him back a little, however he is now on a work placement based NVQ with ACT. They are extremely impressed with his CV and portfolio and are doing Maths and English competance certificates with him, just for the paper certificate – they have said its just a formality and his skills are very good.
    With the ACT tutors behind him, who can see his worth is more than a piece of paper, and who have highly commended him on his willingness to learn and attitude, he has gained more confidence in his abilities. School failed him from a very early age, I only wish I’d had more confidence myself to rescue him sooner!
    Now I have been homeschooling my almost 13yr old daughter for nearly 2 years and we have decided, as she is capable, to put her in for maths and english gcses but no others. If your child is capable I would recommend this due to my son’s experience in trying to enter apprenticeships. I will be enrolling her on a home study holistic therapy course once she is 15 too, as it will give her a trade.
    I do not understand why a lot of people back out of homeschooling at teen level, as i feel this is the most important time for teaching life skills not taught in comp, it is their most impressionable age where their morals and ethics are set, when we can really go to town on interesting and thought provoking projects and topics, and it is the time when harsh academia, propaganda and peer pressure is most likely to take away their individual character and adventurous nature and mold them into conforming citizens of society.

    • What a fantastic example Dani. So glad following his own path has worked for you son. Thanks for sharing and good luck to both him and your daughter. Julie.

      • Thank you. I hope sharing our experiences help someone!
        In fact my son went for an interview today at a car bodyshop and has got a placement which they have said will progress to an apprenticeship after 6months if he wants it. It includes respraying and all the things he loves to do! We are so pleased and proud of him (and I must admit I’m quietly proud of myself too) 🙂 x