I love that we as homeschoolers literally have the whole world at our fingertips!

Internet access gives us access to so much knowledge and information – and to people that we otherwise would never have access to.

I came across this interesting video about connectivism – a theory that learning exists not within a person but within the world. And that students learn by tapping into networks of knowledge. (see wikipedia).

It seems to me that this is a perfect method for homeschoolers to adopt as part of their toolbox. Just replace school and teacher – with home and Mom!

I loved the description of the teacher (at 4.17 minutes into the video).

She is the one that teaches him how to build this network and take advantage of learning opportunites. She offers guidance when he gets stuck. She shows him how to communicate properly and ask respectfully for help from experts. She shows him how to differentiate between good information and propaganda, how to vet a resource, how to turn a web search into a scavenger hunt and gets excited when he finds that pearl of content. She helps him organize those mountains of information.

In her heart she hopes that when he leaves her class he’ll maintain his learning network and use it to navigate his future, and creatively solve the worlds problems.

Now that sounds like a homeschool Mom!

I have touched a little in the site on how technology can be used when homeschooling. We have made animations, time lapse videos and used digital photography. And if your children have a blog then there is the homeschooled kids blog carnival.

But I wonder if we are using all the advantages that technology brings to their fullest in our homeschooling.


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