Welcome to the 29th homeschooled kids blog carnival! Come on in, and make yourself comfortable.


You may have noticed that I forgot to do the carnival at the end of July. I am very sorry! But it is great to be back and catch up with all your blogs.

We always start with our new bloggers, and this month we welcome three new bloggers:

Camera Girl has been busy with her camera at a friends house. There are some very beautiful photographs posted.

Nova Lee is getting fitter and stronger. Good going!

Mackey took the Royal Squeak on a hike to Lost Lake. Find out if they found it.


So – let’s go visit our previous blog posters and find out what they have been up to since we last visited.


Julian’sCreations recommends some great reads.

Caleb goes to the Peterson Automobile Museum. Check out the Hot Wheels play section.

Jakob has been taking photographs of Gulls and Swans. Very nice too.

Gecko shares a neat website that will translate words into a number of dialects.

Laura Ashley writes a review of a Nancy Drew book.

Claire tells us about her whirlwind summer of travelling.

Rachel tells us why she has to wait to watch the next Narnia movie.

Christopher has got some new pets.

Science Bear shows us Jay’s storm fighter.

Katelyn shows us that boys will be boys.

Isaiah shares some fun ways to learn about Beowolf.

Two of our bloggers have been busy updating things on their blog this month :

George has been updating his poems and Rock lego figures page.

Kyle has been updating his reading list.

And last but not least, we have

PurplePixie shares some One Direction music videos.

Mousepaw posts a message about her YA book club.

Thank you all for joining in the Kids Blog Carnival. I hope you get lots of visits and comments – and are back again next time.

That is it for this edition of the Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival.

The next carnival is at the end of November 2012.


I hope you enjoyed the Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival #29. If you would like to submit a blog article to the next edition of the Homeschooled Kids Blog carnival please use the carnival submission form on the kids blog carnival page or send me an email. You can find out more about the carnival here.

Let me know if you spot an error, or I have missed someone!

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