Welcome to another homeschooled kids blog carnival. Isn’t it amazing that this is our 22nd carnival! Well done to all you bloggers that help make this a success.

Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival

A winner every time

Here at the Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival we always start with our new bloggers, so you can get to know them. This carnival we have three new blogs to welcome.

PetersPonderings has been making cords to sell in the Athens Farmers market.  Find out what worthy cause will receive the money.

ADJ has just had his first holy communion. Find out all about it in his post.

Q has written a book review about The Paper Dragons.  Check out the great activities to go with the book.

Please do go and take a look at our new bloggers posts and leave them a comment to introduce yourself.

What about our older bloggers? Some of them have been very busy learning new things.

LifeinStories tells us about her China study.

MentalWeight tells us about Egyptian mythology.

StoryGirl tells us the dangers of being a Japanese red bug mother.

Araya tells us about komodo dragons.

Or trying new things!

Kitten took part in Script Frenzy.

PurplePixie has been doing Park Quest.

Laura Ashley has been to a new store. But do they sell anything FRESH?

Gecko posts a wordle.

But mostly our bloggers have been doing, or writing about the things they love.

Elijah tells us some good reasons to have fish as pets.

Katelyn shares some  pictures. And tells us how she just wants to write.

Arkane has been drawing a demon wing.

ScienceBear’s lego creations have been making lunch.

Christopher shares his favorite computer program. Leave him a comment and let him know what yours is.

Vienna gives us an update (complete with commercial break!)

Benny publishes a cartoon about Idiots.

Unicorn has some grandparent fun.


Sometimes, our bloggers take a break! Here are three bloggers back in the carnival. Welcome back guys.

Dodgedude is back to tell us where he is going for summer camp.

Soccercat has a new dog. Guess what he is called!

Keibug tells us an Easter story.

Thank you all for joining in the Kids Blog Carnival. I hope you get lots of visits and comments – and are back again next time.

That is it for this edition of the Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival.

The next carnival will be at the end of July 2011.


I hope you enjoyed the Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival #22. If you would like to submit a blog article to the next edition of the Homeschooled Kids Blog carnival please use the carnival submission form or send me an email. You can find out more about the carnival here.

Let me know if you spot an error, or I have missed someone!

If you would like to advertise the carnival on your blog – then I have some Blog Buttons you can use.


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