If you read my site, you will know that I had a very relaxed attitude to teaching my children to read ūüôā But I also understand that some children need a little more help than that – and many of you have asked me to recommend a reading program.

I am delighted to tell you all that I have been talking to Nessy Learning about opening up their reading software pilots to include homeschoolers (and not just public schools teachers). And so for the first time ever, they are inviting you all to participate in a 60 day FREE pilot of their program.

To register, visit the sign up page and use the activation code: HS2015 by November 9, 2015

What is Nessy?

Nessy provides software to help struggling and dyslexic readers from K-5 (but can accommodate students of all ages and abilities.) They have a fantastic track record of success and the software is used in over 10,000 schools world wide.

One of the things I loved about their software (apart from the fact it was developed by someone who was homeschooled himself!) is that it initially tests the child and then individually tailors the program to work in the areas they need help in Р taking them through to confident reading.

Make reading easy with Nessy

About the pilot invite:

  • Nessy is looking for homeschoolers to participate in a free 60 day pilot of their software.
  • The software uses intensive Orton-Gillingham methods for learning to read in a fun, multisensory game format.
  • The pilot invitation starts in October 2015 and runs until a closing date of Monday 9th November. If you sign up within this time using the activation code HS2015 you will be given access to 60 days of the program.
  • Children participating in previous pilots¬†often see¬†see a 1 to 2 grade level improvement in reading skill after 60 days.
  • Nessy will collect data from those of you that participate in the pilot via real time data collection.
  • Nessy Learning provides all software, orientation material and support material at no cost for 60 days.
  • They recommend your child uses the software for three sessions of 30 minutes per week¬†– plus¬†any other reading program you use if you still wish to use them.
  • You are¬†under no obligation to purchase software at end of the 60 day period.
  • Sign up by Monday, November 9th,¬†2015 ¬†using the code HS2015 to ensure your place.


Questions you may have:

Who can join?  Homeschoolers AND school teachers! This is the first time that this pilot has been opened up to homeschoolers so do take advantage while you can. All your children will be able to use the reading program during the pilot.

What is the software like?¬†Nessy is games based and contains a series of 100 reading lessons. Each lesson builds on the development of core reading skills using Orton Gillingham principles (a proven method for helping those with dyslexia.) They also have 1000’s of printable activities you can use.

Why are they doing this? Nessy use the data from the pilot to improve future versions their software.

What is in it for me? Extensive testing has shown that Nessy can significantly improve the reading abilities of struggling young readers. And if you don’t see any improvement in your children in the 60 days, then you are under no obligation to continue with the program.

What technical requirements are there? You will need:

  • Windows PC or Apple Macintosh desktop
  • Broadband internet connections
  • Chrome or Firefox browser (Internet Explorer is not recommended)
  • Nessy is also now available on tablets.


Is it really free? Yes, for 60 days. If you wish to continue to use the program at the end of the 60 day period you will need to purchase a licence.

If you have been struggling on the mechanics of teaching your child to read – or there are any signs of dyslexia in the family, then why not give this program a try and see how it works for you.


How to sign up

Just visit the sign up page and sign up using the activation code HS2015

Note : you can put homeschool in the school/organization box.

And if you do sign up, I would love to hear how it works for you. 

Full disclosure, I am an affiliate with Nessy Learning because I believe their software offers the best value for parents of dyslexic readers – and because it really does make learning fun!


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