Welcome back to the 2nd Challenge for having your Best Homeschool Year Yet.

This time I want you to think about things that you need to stop doing in your homeschooling.

Best Homeschool Year Yet Challenge 2

In my post 5 Things to Stop Doing in your Homeschooling, I talked about how we sometimes get to a point where people, groups or activities leave us feeling drained or waste our time.

We often don’t even realize this until we stop and think about it. But stopping doing things in your homeschool is just as important as looking at what worked well.

Things to Stop Doing This Year

So how about me – what things do I need to stop doing?

I did cull quite a few activities last year, so I am pretty happy with the things we are doing. After years of not bothering with homeschool groups we ventured out to a few again last year, and have been really enjoying them. And I have got a lot better about not burning out – I take self care and ‘me time’ seriously now.

Bu there is still one area I think I need to work on.

Feeling Defensive about our Homeschooling

Some of my husband’s family make me feel defensive about what we are doing. Their children are very much on a ‘school-university-professional career’ route. We must seem very alien to them – they have no concept of how an alternative education could work. Or why you would even bother trying 🙂

It makes me laugh that, here I am running a homeschooling website, and yet I still feel uncomfortable and nervous trying to explain to them what we do. I always seem to get defensive – and it is getting worse as the children get older.

Time to stop feeling defensive – and hold my head up proudly!

I homeschool, what's your superpower?

We homeschool because we love it – and because we think it is the best thing we can be doing for our children. They are growing up articulate, intelligent, interesting and sociable , and I am very proud of them.

This year I will cultivate the art of confidence about homeschooling when I am with people who don’t understand where we are coming from!

I will remember I have a super power! And that what we do is in a class of its own.

They laugh at me because I am different

How about you? What do you need to stop doing?

I would love a comment from you to let me know!

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