Homeschool Reading Software Pilot

If you read my site, you will know that I had a very relaxed attitude to teaching my children to read 🙂 But I also understand that some children need a little more help than that – and many of you have asked me to recommend a reading program. I am delighted to tell you … More

‘Not-quite reading’ homeschool blues!

I bumped into a friend today and she reminded me of the ‘not-quite reading blues’! Lots of homeschooled children, especially if you are autonomous or unschooling, learn to read later than average. My son was almost 10 before he got anywhere close to being able to read fluently by himself. But this didn’t stop him from … More

Educational Benefits of Technology in Homeschooling

I have talked a little bit about technology and homeschooling on this blog before, so I thought you would all be interested in an article from today’s guest blogger. Lindsey Wright is fascinated with the potential of emerging educational technologies, particularly the online school, to transform the landscape of learning. She writes about web-based learning, electronic and … More

Homeschooling the Future – Making Connections

I love that we as homeschoolers literally have the whole world at our fingertips! Internet access gives us access to so much knowledge and information – and to people that we otherwise would never have access to. I came across this interesting video about connectivism – a theory that learning exists not within a person … More