10 Free Online Advent Calendars

10 Best Kids Advent Calendars

Updated for 2017 🙂 Someone shared some free kids online advent calendars on a local homeschool list – and got me looking for more. And then I couldn’t stop! Here are my top ten favorites. Kids Online Advent Calendars Why Christmas.  A fact and tip about Christmas every day. ProjectBritain – a neat idea. Every … More

Seeds of Learning

Sometimes it is the little things that cause huge learning opportunities in homeschooling! You can never know when a seed will take root in your child and grow into something wonderful.   I have been planning out some things I will strew for my children over the coming months (like this fantasy drawing book and that … More

Facebook Roundup 1 – Homeschooling ideas and resources

I am not generally very good at working regularly on something! My homeschooling style is more of a short burst of activity – followed by me losing interest and going off to do something else! But I have been working very hard at posting something (hopefully) interesting on the Homeschooling-Ideas Facebook page  and Twitter page … More

Goal-free Homeschooling

I am reading Goal-Free Living by Stephen Shapiro at the moment, and he is proposing an alternative to the goal-seeking, target setting society that we have become. He believes that goals, whilst admirable, can often send us in the wrong direction – focusing on a result that won’t make us happy or fulfilled, and keeping … More

Homeschooling on the Go!

  Over the weekend I was busy putting the finishing touches to my new ebook – Creative Homeschooling. After editing, there were quite a few chapters that didn’t make the cut! I was a bit sad to see some of them go but I didn’t think they fitted very well. But waste not want not! … More