70 Kids History Books To Bring History To Life

Kids History Books Homeschool

You may have noticed that I love books! I actually set up homeschooling-ideas because I was frustrated I couldn’t find great book recommendations for different subjects. So I am loving finally compiling book lists for you, like this educational coloring book list. This time I thought I would talk about kids history books. I don’t mean dry texts. … More

50+ Educational Board Games

50 Educational Board Games for Homeschooling

Educational Board games are a fantastic asset to homeschooling! I  think almost all board games have benefits. Board games teach children how to be team player, how to think strategically, how to be a good loser – or a good winner 🙂 They can help with memory and help children develop their logic skills. They can even help to … More

50 Fun Math Book Ideas

Fun Math Book Ideas for Homeschool

Math! I hear more new homeschoolers being anxious over how they will teach math, than any other subject! But there are some wonderful, fun, interesting (and educational) books to add to your homeschool bookshelf! Math doesn’t have to be just about workbooks or textbooks. There are all kinds of story books and activity books that will introduce your … More

50 Kids Educational Coloring Books

Educational coloring books are a great tool to have in your homeschool toolkit! Not only do they develop hand and eye coordination, but coloring activates the logic part of the brain, and generates a creative mindset. My children have always loved coloring books (and still do!). Choosing educational coloring books to go with our homeschool project really … More

10 Top Homeschooling Books for 2016

Top Homeschooling Books 2016

I normally see a lot of new people on the site in January, so I thought to kick off 2016 I would share a list of my top ten favorite homeschooling books (in no particular order!). It is quite an eclectic list – something for everyone 🙂 They are mostly books about homeschooling – or ones … More

Homeschool Reading Software Pilot

If you read my site, you will know that I had a very relaxed attitude to teaching my children to read 🙂 But I also understand that some children need a little more help than that – and many of you have asked me to recommend a reading program. I am delighted to tell you … More

How to Rock High School Homeschooling

So you are moving into homeschooling your teenager. I bet you are getting worried about how things will turn out! While it seems to be ‘acceptable’ and ‘a bit fun’  (and even possibly ‘trendy’?) to homeschool your younger children – I think we get judged a lot more for ‘daring’ to homeschool older ones. Particularly … More