Kids Geography Books They’ll Love

Kids Geography Books for Homeschooling

Ah Geography books! There is nothing like travelling the world from the comfort of your armchair šŸ™‚ IĀ have to admit that we learned a lot of geography from playing educational board games. But reading books of far and distant lands came a close 2nd! And like all my book lists there isn’t a dry textbook … More

50 Kids Art Books

50 kids art books for homeschooling

Art is an absolutely wonderful subject to cover in your homeschooling – either as a topic on its own – or to support other subjects. Art and crafts have been the mainstay of our homeschooling – particularly when the children were younger. And there are some fabulous kids art books to support you in this … More

70 Kids History Books To Bring History To Life

Kids History Books Homeschool

You may have noticed that I love books! I actually set up homeschooling-ideas because I was frustrated I couldn’t find great bookĀ recommendationsĀ for different subjects. So I am loving finally compiling book lists for you,Ā like this educational coloring book list. This time I thought I would talk about kids history books. I don’t mean dry texts. … More

50+ Educational Board Games

50 Educational Board Games for Homeschooling

Educational Board games are a fantastic asset to homeschooling! IĀ Ā think almost all board games have benefits. Board games teachĀ children how to be team player, how to think strategically, how toĀ beĀ a good loser – or a good winner šŸ™‚ They can help with memory and help children develop their logic skills. They can even help to … More

50 Fun Math Book Ideas

Fun Math Book Ideas for Homeschool

Math! I hearĀ more new homeschoolers being anxious over how they will teach math, than any other subject! But there are some wonderful, fun, interesting (and educational) booksĀ to add toĀ your homeschool bookshelf! Math doesn’t have to be just about workbooks or textbooks. There are all kinds of story books and activity books that will introduce your … More