Educational Jigsaw Puzzles!

I can’t tell you how fabulous a learning tool jigsaw puzzles are. They have so many benefits for all ages. In fact – I am so sold about the benefits that I made you an image 🙂

Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids - Educational Jigsaw Puzzles

So, do you like the idea of introducing more jigsaws into your homeschooling? I hope so 🙂 They are fun and easy to incorporate into your homeschool subjects. And work really well with active children who don’t like to sit still to listen. Let them make up a puzzle while you read to them – keeping their hands busy will help them concentrate more.

Educational Jigsaw Puzzles

Need some ideas? Here are 50 I thought you might love. I tried to mix up different ability puzzles. And I left 3D puzzles off the list. My children didn’t really enjoy them so we only have one!

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Have you thought of using jigsaw puzzles in your Math lessons? One of the great things about doing puzzles with your children is you get to talk to them about the picture and what you are building. There are several puzzles that introduce counting. Sadly I couldn’t find too many with more complex math concepts.

(Click on the images below to see  some examples)

Science and Nature

There are lots of lovely puzzles covering everything from endangered species, to the periodic table. This is just a taster 🙂 If you are studying a particular subject this year it would be well worth seeing what jigsaw puzzles are available to match.


Maps are so visual and make fantastic jigsaws. It is worth searching for your State or Country and seeing what is available. I chose a few here that I thought you might like.


Yes, even history!
I noticed there where quite a few 1000 piece historic State puzzles too from White Mountain Puzzles. Might be worth looking out for.


We followed along with the Charlotte Mason Art study for a while, and enjoyed doing some puzzles by a couple of the artists. It is a lovely way to introduce children to an artist, don’t you think?

The puzzle Blox is not really a jigsaw, but I thought it deserved a mention!


If you are reading fictional classics together then jigsaws can be a great activity to combine this with.

Disney seems to have taken over lots of classic tales but at least that means there are puzzles to go with them. I wish I could have found you more though!

Notable Mentions!

Firstly, did you know it was possible to have your own jigsaw puzzles made for you? We have had quite a few ‘family’ puzzles made for my Stepfather who was very ill a few years ago. At first he could only complete very simple (20 piece) puzzles but refused to do ‘baby’ pictures 🙂 So we had some holiday photos made up which he loved. (He is doing really well now, thank you!). If you are in the UK I can highly recommend PuzzlesPrint. They did a great job for me. Otherwise, search for ‘custom puzzle’ to find your local suppliers.

Next, I want to talk to you about a passion of mine 🙂 Since my sister introduced me to Wasjig puzzles I can’t bring myself to do any other kind 🙂 With Wasjig – you don’t puzzle the picture you see on the box – you puzzle ‘what happens next’ or what someone on the box is looking at. I love them!

I can only find 1000 piece versions on but we can get 500 piece ones here in the UK so maybe look out for those too.

That’s it! Hope that inspired you. If you have a recommendation too, I would love to hear it. Just leave me a comment or come visit my facebook page.

educational jigsaw puzzles

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