I normally see a lot of new people on the site in January, so I thought to kick off 2016 I would share a list of my top ten favorite homeschooling books (in no particular order!).

It is quite an eclectic list – something for everyone 🙂 They are mostly books about homeschooling – or ones I think all homeschoolers should read! They are not new this year, but ones that have stood the test of time.

These are books that are actually on my shelf (or my kindle!) and I have read and enjoyed. The ones that I recommend when I talk to families about to start homeschooling. And the ones that I lend to friends over and over!

Whether you are new to homeschooling or a veteran, I hope you find something interesting on this list.

Top Homeschooling Books 2016

The links are to Amazon so you can easily go take a look. Please note that the links are affiliate links, which means if you buy I get a (very) small percentage of the sale. If you would prefer not to support this site in that way, just go to Amazon and search for the book.

  1. Free Range Education by Terri Dowty – This is a UK book but it gives such a great overview of a more relaxed way of homeschooling. It features the stories of twenty different families and their philosophy to home education. I think it is the best book to get an insight into how homeschooling works.
  2. Home Learning Year by Year by Rebecca Rupp – For those of you who do want to know what your child should be learning by grade, then this book is a great overview. As well as outlining what your child should know for each subject, it is also packed with resource ideas.
  3. The Preschooler’s Busy Book by Trish Kuffner – I have both the preschool version and the Children’s version and loved them both. Packed with simple activities, games and ideas. It was this book that prompted me to always carry a small purse packed with activities when my children were small. A lifesaver! Yes, a lot of this is available on the internet now – but so useful to have a book too.
  4. The Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellen. I have this and two other books by Grace Llewellen and love them all. But the Teenage Liberation Handbook is such a wonderful read for teens (and their mothers!).
  5. Teach Your Own by John Holt or indeed any book by John Holt! All are inspiring and motivating.
  6. A Sense of Self by Susannah Sheffer – If you have a daughter then this is a must read. Susannah explores self esteem by interviewing 55 girls that have had some form of home education. Absolutely fascinating read.
  7. A Picture Perfect Childhood by Cay Gibson – The subtitle of this is “Enhancing your child’s imagination and education in 15 minutes a day’. The book recommends picture books on all kinds of themes and subjects – and not just for small children. Although I found it harder to get hold of some of the books she recommends (I am in the UK) I still used this a lot with my children.
  8. One-to-One by Martin Williams/Gareth Lewis – This is a fun and quirky book that provides practical suggestions on what to do with your children. There is a section on Math for example, with practical tips and ideas for games you can play.
  9. Creative Home Schooling: A Resource Guide for Smart Families by Lisa Rivero – There is a newer version than the one I have linked to (but this one shows the reviews). I like this one because it explains child directed learning and different learning styles – but also recommends some great resources.
  10. You Only Live 2016 Once Teenage Workbook by Julie Gilbert – Ahem. Yes. A shameful plug for one of mine. But I do think it is a great teen book. You can find out more about it on my page here.


There are a couple more in the picture if you are interested 🙂

How about you? What books would you recommend I add to my bookshelf in 2016?



10 Top Homeschooling Books for 2016 — 2 Comments

  1. Really great list and some of my top picks too. I hadn’t heard of some of them though like The Preschholers’ Busy Book which sounds like a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Sonya