Updated for 2017 🙂

Someone shared some free kids online advent calendars on a local homeschool list – and got me looking for more. And then I couldn’t stop!

Here are my top ten favorites.

10 Best Kids Advent Calendars

Kids Online Advent Calendars

  1. Why Christmas.  A fact and tip about Christmas every day.
  2. ProjectBritain – a neat idea. Every day there is a country quiz to guess.
  3. ActivityVillage – I liked this one. A free printable and activity every day.
  4. CBeebies – BBC Advent Calendar. Come back each day to discover who is behind the star with a special treat for you to play.
  5. Liverpool Museums – an eclectic mix of historical information and photos.
  6. Lego Star Wars – Slooooow to load! Then there is a lego Star Wars (shooting) game each day.
  7. SantaGames – a Santa game every day.
  8. Norad – As well as helping you to track Santa, if you scroll down the page you will find an activity village. Click on ‘The Arcade’ to find a new game each day.
  9. Boowakwala – a simple animation each day.
  10. LoyalaPress also do a children’s religious calendar, with a reminder to do something each day to share the meaning of the season.


If you find any more I would love to hear about them! I am sure there must be lots more out there.

If you would like to make your own online advent calendar with photos, then this looks like a good way to do it.

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